Wednesday, January 11, 2012

the start of the journey... well, sorta

Hi friends,
I've decided to blog. (Duh.) But let me explain why. I've become obsessed with mommy blogs recently. Jeremy walks into the room and I quickly minimize the page I'm looking at and he gives me that smile that says, "I approve of the fact that you are reading MORE mom-stuff, but really?" Yes, really. Its fun, its encouraging, its interesting, and a lot of these ladies are hilarious. But the thing that has stood out to me in quite a few of these blogs I've started "stalking" is that these women share a lot of details about their lives  that only their moms, sisters and bf's would really care about. A lot of them talk to or reference their moms directly, as if they are having a phone conversation, but via the blog. I think its sweet. And it occurred to me that perhaps I have some family and friends who might like to read all the randomness of my life too. How that doctors appointment went, the details of the birth story, what we did with this baby in our hut today and other things that will never make it into a Choshen newsletter or might seem too insignificant to send an e-mail out about. And so I want to start writing things down. For my sake, and perhaps for yours - whoever you are. And so here begins the journey... or rather, here continues the journey. I'm starting this at the start of my third trimester, which is 2/3rds of the way through the pregnancy and not even to day 1 of the mommy adventure. But things are starting to get "interesting" around here, so it seems appropriate to get on this ball before too much more happens.
And so that's what we'll do! OK blogworld, do your thang!

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