Wednesday, July 18, 2012

where to put her?

So while I diligently did my bicep curls throughout my pregnancy, I still find that i get tired of just holding Bronwyn all of the time. With no highchair, no swing, no bumbo or boppy or whatever that miracle chair is that vibrates and sings and sounds like a waterfall... my options are to hold her in my arms or strap her to my body, and sometimes, I get tired and am dying to just put her down somewhere! Thankfully, she's getting a little bit bigger and my options are expanding.

We picked up a dangly buuncy chair from Target kind of on a whim before we left and we are so thankful we did! 

One day I was supposed to be putting away laundry, but Bronwyn fell asleep on top of it. She almost never will sleep alone and so I decided to let the laundry sit there and took advantage of her little nap session to do some other things. (Don't worry, I didn't leave the room lest she roll off the couch!)

And the best thing in our life right now is the go pod. She's still too small for it, so we stuff a blanket in behind her. The kids love coming and kneeling in front of her and shaking her colored rings or cooing at her or just saying, "winnie, winnie, winnie" on repeat. She thinks its fun, and so do they, and it lets this momma lean over the fire to get dinner ready without a baby strapped to me! Woohoo! 

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