Wednesday, September 12, 2012

done and done

I thank God daily that he gave me such an outgoing and people loving baby. This child is growing up without a personal bubble and she absolutely loves it. People are in her space ALL the time, touching her, grabbing her, loving on her. Its wonderful and adorable. I love that she is learning something other than the American awkwardness of “excuse me, please don’t touch me. Thanks.” But I just felt like sharing that sometimes it gets to be too much. Every once in a while I sense that she is reaching sensory overload and I rush in to save her. But just this once I snapped a pic of what that “I’m done here mom” face looks like. 99 times out of 100, Bronwyn is all giggles and smiles, but when she’s done, baby girl is DONE.

content. happy as a clam.

all smiles, ready to play.

done and done.

seriously mom? can we go HOME NOW!

Please trust me that I don't leave my baby in other people's arms if she is sad and wanting me. Really, I don't. I just realized that sometimes I make it seem like our life is all giggles and smiles, and felt the need to round the picture out. Zambian baby culture dictates that as soon as a baby starts to cry, back to mom she goes. I love that. It means I can hand my baby to someone knowing that she'll be returned to me as soon as she needs to be. I'm immensely grateful for the kind attention Bronwyn gets every day. Baby girl has no idea how blessed she is!


  1. So cute! Even when done and DONE!

  2. What an AMAZING place for a little girl to grow up!!!! Bronwyn is growing soooo beautifully and adorably and she truly is blessed to be in this place! I love her facial expressions. It is great to see your updates...and by the way that huge water wheel on the next post is incredible. you are in my prayers!