Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Baby Sitters

Usually the kids around us are awesome baby sitters. They have been carrying around small babies since they were babies themselves. They don’t freak out when Bronwyn cries, but do bring her back to me promptly. They consider it a pleasure to relieve me of my heavy little bundle of joy long enough for me to get something done. I’m really grateful to the slew of neighbor kids who step in and help me out on a regular basis. 

bouncy chair on the porch is a fav.

Richard is in charge of Bronwyn's critical thinking development

They are actually playing checkers with chess pieces
which is why they can spare a few for Bronwyn to chew on

But I have to admit that TWICE this week I encountered baby sitting issues that have me considering whether I should keep my little pumpkin closer to my side. We were doing a Bible study at the Learning Resource Center and Orpa and Maggie came in and took Bronwyn out to the playground. (See the slide in the background there?) I looked out the window just in time to see Maggie hoist Bronwyn up to the top of the slide, Orpa grabbing the straps of her jumper to hold her in place while Maggie ran to the bottom of the slide, and then Orpa let her go, watching her slide down on her own. I walk/ran out there trying to not startle the girls, but politely said, “Aaaaaaand we’re done here. Thanks though!”

that would be the slide in the background

Then the next day Charles decided to take Bronwyn for a stroll while I helped Jeremy with some things. She came back a little bit later and as I took her in my arms, I saw a weird look on her face and upon closer examination noticed she had a mouth full of leaves. “Umm, Charles, how did that happen?” I fished out the leaves, determined that she wasn’t choking and then had a good chuckle. What else was I going to do?

I’ll probably never hold interviews or ask for first aid certification, but until Baby B can be slightly more discerning in terms of age appropriate activities, I should probably still keep an eye on her even after letting her go off with the big kids. Thanks kiddos for loving my baby like she were your own! 

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  1. Love the pictures and your delightful comments.... thanks for sharing your life and your daughter.... what a rich upbringing she is receiving!!!