Wednesday, January 30, 2013

10 months!

Can you believe this? Is anyone else as amazed as I am at how fast this child grows?
What a gift we have been given. I am completely overwhelmed by how precious this baby is.

At 10 months old, Bronwyn is a fast paced busy body. She loves to crawl and explore and pull herself up on anything that can support her. She has a good set of teeth and is an excellent eater. Sometimes she mistakes dirt clods and small rocks on the floor for fallen rice crispies and bananas and we have to fish those things out, but we love her explorative nature and desire to feed herself! She smiles and claps at pretty much everything and everyone. She makes people feel loved and special as she smiles and waves at them. She is an ambassador of joy, always. 

Happy ten months, baby girl!

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