Monday, February 25, 2013

11 months

Every single month I think, "I'm sure she looks the same as last month... maybe she even shrunk a little!" and then I take her picture and put it next to the others and am amazed. 

Little lady, you are such a darling! Happy 11 months!


  1. "maybe she even shrunk a little..." lol, i've wished for the same thing. they just keep growing exponentially. btw, i love that little red dress. it was one of my favorites on sami b/c it's so soft. even when she outgrew it, i layered it over jeans and she wore it as a top.
    baby bronwyn is beautiful.

  2. We are so glad to hear that Bronwyn is back to good health! I love the month-by-month pictures. They will be a treasure as years start leaping by. I did the same with baby Zac during his 1st year- it took four other children to give me the idea (see how smart you are!) and will have to dig those pictures out for review before his wedding!

    love and hugs- L.