Wednesday, August 28, 2013

b-day follow up

My birthday was back in July and ya’ll haven’t heard a peep from me about the 30 for bethany’s 30th shebang since then. So I thought I’d get my act together and write a follow up.

We finally gathered the giving reports (do remember that all the financials are dealt with in America – the land of efficiency, and we live in Africa the land of… patience is virtue) and I just want to say one giant THANK YOU. Choshen Farm is not just the organization I work for, it’s the ministry that shapes the life of our family, it’s the thing we press into day in and day out, its why Bush Baby Colvin even exists – (otherwise I’d have to blog from Uber Normal American Baby Colvin… and who wants to read that?) And so your support of Choshen Farm is really a support of me personally and so again, THANK YOU.

I told everyone that we would have a drawing to see who would win a super awesome beaded keychain. I’ve run across such drawings on other blogs before and I gather that most people use cool techie apps to generate random numbers and have this elaborate scheme to ensure randomization and fairness. We, on the other hand, decided to employ the ultra sophisticated method of “Bronwyn draws names out of a hat.” 

And the winners are      !!! Well, she's not telling, but I have a list and your love-gifts are on their way.

And just because I love giving people stuff, even if your name was not one of the ones drawn, I decided to still name a chicken after you. No worries, you can thank me for that one later. (Besides, we just picked up 300 some odd birds the other week, and I figure they all deserve a good name.)

What you can thank me for now is standing in line at the Mansa post office to mail these key chains out. If ever there were a location of nightmare for those of us who still like to maintain our personal bubble despite having that personal bubble popped every day for the last seven years, the Mansa post office would be it. When the person in front of me moves up and I stay where I am to give myself three centimeters of breathing room, I’m quickly shoved forward by the twenty people behind me all of whom are muttering, “Geeze, don’t they have queues in America? Why is she messing with the flow?” Again, you’re welcome. 

If I don't come out, tell Jer & Winnie I love them
Keep in mind that mail from Zambia to America takes approximately 2-6 weeks depending on where it sits and for how long, so if you receive nothing – no key chain, no chicken christening photo – for a while, that’s why. And if after six weeks you still receive nothing, then perchance you forgot to mention on the check or paypal that this was for my birthday to which all I can say is, “know that I love you.” 

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