Friday, July 25, 2014

a celebration of union

It started in a Land Rover. 

The first dozen times the old beast of a machine got stuck in a mud rut, my job was to encourage and hold the wrench – it was in that mud that love’s seeds were first planted. Over time, the seeds germinated and blossomed and I said “yes” to “will you marry me” and soon we were taking our first look and exchanging vows and cutting ice-cream cake.

In five years  since, we’ve made a life overseas, establishing a home out of a mud bricks and a ministry out of grass roots. We've combined our DNA to create three lives and have had the privilege of rearing one.

We have spoken harshly and gently, encouraged and forgiven. We have held the mirror up to the other, revealing and refining our true selves. We have adventured and risked and come home to roost. Partner, spouse, friend, beloved we have called each other.

This is our marriage and it is a gift. We still kiss in Land Rovers, and thankfully get stuck a lot less.

Happy Anniversary to my loving husband, Jeremy Michael.

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  1. Happiness, Joy, and many more kisses through many more years to come, you two. Your marriage and your family are a gift to all of us, too!!
    hugs and prayers,