Sunday, May 13, 2012

celebrating mama rawson!

This post is mostly for the benefit of Amy and Jill who couldn't be with us to celebrate Mother's day with Mom. But what should absolutely be shouted from the rooftops is that all mothers deserve the utmost spoiling and celebration on mothers day. I told mom today that I wish I could re-do the past 28 years worth of mothers days now that I understand what she went through to bring us into this world, to help us sleep in those early months and eventually to raise us to become the women we are today. We love our mother and are so proud of her! I hope the smiles on her face reflects the great fun we were able to have with her this afternoon. Oh, and these pictures are also proof that scavenger hunts never get old. ;)

the hunt begins
"there's a gift for you from your daughter who loves to
cook. you can find it in the place she would
store extra ingredients."

finding Jill's card in the laundry room cupboard

next clue

there's a gift for you from your daughter who rests warm
and secure in your love and your home. you can find
it in the place she would find fuzzy warmth to rest under

thinking about where to go next 

looking in the hall closet

finding Bethany's present and the final clue

there is a gift from your daughter who likes to
laugh and play. you can find it in the place her
daughter would go to get princess jewels to play. 

heading to the basement

searching amongst sami's toys

finding Amy's package and a Happy Mother's Day note

reading Jill's card - all smiles =)

opening Amy's package
cute card with help from Oliver & Sami

Sugar lips... mmm...

card from Bethany. tears... 

I told her how thankful I was for all she has done for me

... and spoiled her with some
pretty earrings =)


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