Wednesday, November 28, 2012

church dedication and volunteer babies

We had the chance recently to attend a church dedication ceremony in the neighboring village. We are good friends with the head elder there and he asked us if we'd attend the program. Towards the end the master of ceremonies said a special welcome to their visitors, primarily those from foreign lands - i.e, us. They thanked us profusely for several minutes for coming to this country to serve and for giving of our time and our selves voluntarily. The cuteness came in the last few lines though when the speaker said, "And we also welcome you, volunteer baby. Thank you for your commitment to service. We are glad to have you with us, our dear, volunteer baby." Asleep at the boob, Bronwyn was clearly touched by the kind show of appreciation. We did have fun calling her "volunteer baby" for the rest of the day.

Here's the family pic we took before the event - The Sir. Madam, and Volunteer Baby.

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