Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I recently read One Thousand Gifts by Anne Voscamp which has helped me practice the discipline of giving thanks in so many areas of my life. Instead of mentioning everything that I'm thankful for under the sun – the smell of fresh rain, Bronwyn’s first tooth, laughter of kids on the front porch – I’ve tried to focus on the few things that matter the most and that are representative of this season of my life. I uploaded some pictures recently and came across one that sums up what I’m most thankful for this Thanksgiving. 

In the forefront I see a baby girl who is so happy and contented with wherever she finds herself. A floor and a little lion toy is all she needs. She teaches me about unconditional acceptance of people, flexibility in all things and how to find joy in simple pleasures. For this precious child I am abundantly thankful.

Standing at the chalkboard, I see Jeremy teaching a theology class to a group of people. I am thankful for a husband who was courageous enough to leave home and pitch a tent in the middle of nowhere in response to God's calling. I'm thankful now for his leadership of our family as we do this work together - the work of knowing Christ, making him known and being agents of common grace to those around us. 

Sitting on benches, I see a group of people who no longer call us mizungu. To them we are Mr. Jeremy and Bana Winnie. We are friends and peers. Bronwyn is treated like their daughter. Together we journey together. And I give thanks for them always.

There is much to be thankful for, but it is the intentionality of being Christ to people that makes this life worth living. As my friend Ann says, "For all we see is Christ, and in Him all is GRACE."

Happy Thanksgiving, all.

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  1. Once again Bethany, I am so thankful to my Lord for the wonderful wife He has given my son, the fantastic mother to my granddaughter. My heart is at peace. Happy Thanksgiving, my dear daughter.