Wednesday, June 19, 2013

fathers day

Happy belated fathers day everyone! I hope all the kiddos out there did a fabulous job of spoiling their papas and that the wives gave extra big smooches to their hubbies for being awesome!

I’ve written before about how fathers here are not always active in helping their wives with the children. Being in this environment keeps me coming back to Jeremy over and over with gratitude and thanks for the role he does play in Bronwyn’s life.

If I had to pick just a few things I love about Jeremy’s relationship with Bronwyn, I’d say that I love that he…

Makes her laugh.

Encourages her to explore.

Lets her be a girl.

Wants her to stay little, but will encourage her to go big!

Introduces her to Jesus.

Works at the special father-daughter bond.

There are compliments I could pass along for which there are no pictures – like how Jeremy supported me completely during a hard pregnancy/delivery for Bronwyn’s sake as much as mine; or like how he has already been pooped on, puked on and peed on a gazillion times with (almost) no complaint; or how he’s made so many sacrifices of time, energy and ambition to give his first born all that she needs to succeed.

 Bronwyn still had no idea how much her father is worth or that he deserves so much more than a second-hand "daddy-shirt" from the market to commemorate this special day. Nevertheless, when I see those two lock eyes, I see a burly man wrapped around the daintiest finger.

Bronwyn has heard my heart beat from the inside as I held her close for 9 months. But she hears her daddy’s heart beat every day from the outside as he showers her with affection in the simplest of ways.

Thank you, Jeremy, Bashi Winnie, Darling Husband and Dad for giving us the gift of you. 

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  1. Aww, yay, Daddy Colvin! And Bronwyn- oh my goodness, those eyes!! <3 <3 <3