Monday, June 3, 2013

hey hey its (almost) my birthday

Today is June 3rd, which means that it is my fabulous mother’s birthday. Love you mom!

It also means that there are exactly 30 days until my 30th birthday! I’m not a huge birthday celebrator (unless its Bronwyn or Jeremy’s birthday… then I like to have some fun.)

b-day sign on the back of the bike trailer

Bronwyn's b-day blow out

But I’ve been thinking about something I’d like to do for my birthday this year and I want to invite YOU ALL to be a part of it!

As most of you know, Jeremy and I run a small, not-for-profit, missional endeavor in the village of Fimpulu in the Luapula Province of Zambia. We train church leaders, work with people living with HIV/AIDS, run a farm, a preschool and a variety of other community upliftment programs. We work hard, love our community and live by FAITH that God is using us to be agents of grace and messengers of truth.

All of our programs are funded by individual donors who believe in our mission. Some of the projects that are currently in the pipeline but awaiting funding are…
… a local market that we are still dreaming of building
… the school assistance program so that we can say YES! to sponsoring more kids
… some farm growth projects to make our farm even more productive
… and buckets and buckets of pain to do a world map project and playground beautification at the preschool!

SO! Back to the birthday. I would like to invite my friends to help make this the best birthday ever by joining my 30 for bethany’s 30th shebang! I'm excited to see how many people might be willing to donate $30 to Choshen Farm in honor of my turning 30, in the next 30 days. AND it gets better. For ever ten donations of $30, we will do a random selection of one name and send you a super awesome beaded keychain made by a local artist.

how fun are these? 
Stick your keys on it or hang it on your Christmas tree or remove the key ring and enjoy the adorable African animals! (My original idea for the prize drawing was to offer to name a chicken after you, but Jeremy said that that was lame, so I’m just naming them all Blanche. If you’d rather have a chicken named after you than receive an awesome keychain, no problem, I’ll arrange it.)

The details!
* 30 for bethany’s 30th starts today and ends July 3rd.

* to make a donation, either …
visit and click on the DONATE NOW button to reach paypal.
Send a check to CHOSHEN FARM – 311 W. Rainier Way – Spokane, WA – 99208

* Make sure to note something to the effect of bethany’s 30th on paypal or check so that we enter you into the drawing! 

* ALL DONATIONS TO CHOSHEN FARM ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE! (we'll send you a receipt. you're welcome.)

* We've got 30 beaded keychains to give away and 300 chickens to name so go for it!

* If you want to really have fun, you can absolutely give more than $30… we’ll do the math and put your name in the drawings multiple times according to the amount.

*Have a friend who is not a regular bush baby colvin reader but might want to get in on the fun? Pass the link along! The more the merrier!

OK? READY? SET? Let’s get this party started!

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  1. Happy Birthday to the world's "Bestest Mama"! May you have 30 more years surrounded by family and friends wherever you are. May your mattress never crinkle or crunch and may you always be surrounded by God's love and care :)