Sunday, February 19, 2012

2 observations

I have two random observations.
1) How is it that older women who have had multiple children can still forget that gestation is 40 weeks? I can't tell you how many times in the last month or so someone has asked me how far along I am and then obviously struggled to figure out how much longer I have to go - Me: "I'm 33 weeks." Respondent: "Oh, so you have a few months left." Really? Me: "I'm 34 weeks today." Respondent: "Great! So you have.... um.... how many weeks... um." Me: "6" Respondent: "Right, 6. Whew, getting down there!" Um, yeah.
I don't mind, but it is a little bizarre to me considering how fixated I am with the weekly schedule and knowing exactly where I am. I can tell you the trimester breakdown and what happens in each week physiologically and you better believe I know the exact number of weeks left. Is their not knowing a part of pregnancy amnesia? Or did the weeks just not matter to them? I wonder...

and 2) the number one conversation starter with people these days is "you look small" or "you look big" or "you look smaller than yesterday." Really people? Did none of ya'll ever notice when YOU were pregnant that clothes make a difference? I'm not sure why the size of the belly from day to day is such an interesting phenomenon, or why women with multiple children seem to forget that they didn't look 40 weeks pregnant from week 8 on either. Maybe I fixate on this one because I haven't come up with any perfectly quippy response. I'm open for suggestions since the only things I can think of are dripping with sass. Funny is one thing, and I'm all for it. But Joan Rivers sarcastic sass is just not attractive. 

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