Friday, April 6, 2012

overdue. (the post, not me)

I'm cheating, big time, and putting these pictures up two weeks AFTER deliver. Shame shame Bethany blogger. Oh well. The last several weeks of pregnancy were more or less nesting, as is to be expected. Jeremy and I had to-do list after to-do list which we checked off and worked through and tried to square away in order to feel ready. I grew increasingly tired and achy. I don't think I did any real work out for the last month. Just some strolling outside during unseasonably warm weather. We got our room ready to receive a baby, which involved packing up pretty much my entire childhood into rubbermaid tubs and moving it all to the basement and replacing the newly cleared space with all things baby. 

One of the things that I had been waiting to do all pregnancy long was to take some maternity pictures in honor of THE BELLY. I figured that there is not a lot of glamour in being pregnant, unless you dress up that belly and give it a proper debut. I wanted to wait until 38 weeks figuring that that would give the maximum effect on the belly shots. The top pic here is reflective of our weekly shot in front of the grid. The others were from our backyard shoot. I'm incredibly thankful that we took these pictures when we did because I ended up going into labor the following weekend. 

Oh pretty belly, I kind of miss you... 

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