Wednesday, August 15, 2012

doublemint twins

Every single person we pass by tells me that my daughter looks just like her father. I’ve come to accept that my precious-little-pink-wearing-girl-to-the core child looks like a 31 year old man. As she ages, I’m sure she’ll look more feminine and in the mean time I’ll drown her in as much girly-ness as I can.
It occurs to me that this is really a gift to her father. Bronwyn is a bit of a mama’s girl – the excessive breastfeeding has kind of bonded us together and we obviously share something special. The fact that his little girl is his TWIN should be a very special thing to Jeremy… except for the fact that HE DOESN’T SEE THE RESEMBLENCE! Seriously? I’m about to go buy this man a mirror, cuz obviously he’s forgotten what he looks like. Look at these two! It’s like seeing double, right?!?!

Silly Daddy. I love you. AND your spitting image. 


  1. I still vote that she looks like both of you :)

  2. Tom says she has your nose. :) Loved seeing you today. Please come visit us soon.