Wednesday, August 1, 2012

take me out to the (net) ball game!

This past weekend the ladies of Center took on Malamba in a netball match. The Center netball team was started as a way to promote the Learning Resource Center. Their field is right in front of the LRC and the hope was that the excitement of the netball games would attract onlookers who might not normally pass by the LRC, and grab their attention. "Ooh, netball! And the LRC! Books! Learning! Yeah!  
Anyway, so we are the "sponsors" of this netball team and we take them to neighboring villages for matches. (They haven't lost yet, actually. We are very proud.) 
Jeremy spent time engaging the little people in ways that he is awesome at, while Bronwyn and I stayed out of the sun. She was still super excited by all of the hubbub around her!

Jeremy and Chiti playing ball

so fun! so fun!
The ladies played an awesome match. They were especially excited to wear their new uniforms that we brought them back from Lusaka - we are the ones in blue.

After a while, I noticed that all of the kids were standing by the land rover looking at Bronwyn - not watching the game at all. We finally stepped into the sun for a bit to give them a better view.

Its interesting how this "mizungu baby" attracts so much attention. People are absolutely fascinated by her. I am constantly getting requests from random people to hold her. They always get big smiles on their face and just say over and over, "I've never held a white baby, I've never held a white baby! Hey look at me! I'm holding a white baby!" Bronwyn is totally non-plussed by all of the attention. Apparently nobody has told her that she's different. I hope she alway stays this way. 


  1. I laughed as I read your post - if fills me with such joy to hear how you and your community are doing. Bronwyn is certainly turning out to be a little celebrity! :)

    hugs from over the sea

  2. Bronwyn is getting so big!!! She's so cute and pretty!! =) Thinking of you three!