Monday, October 8, 2012

hot, hot, hot!

Ah, October, the time of year when the leaves turn pretty colors and start to fall off of the trees and pumpkins adorn front porch steps and scarves and sweaters… at least that’s the story in upstate New York.
October in Zambia means heat - hot heat. The kind where you get home from being out and about and immediately shed articles of clothing. Its so hot our night time candles are all melting and those blasted goats have decided that MY pit latrine is their new favorite shade spot. 

seriously mama? get out of my toilet.

With no ac, no ceiling fans, no cool mall to escape to and NO ICE CREAM (!), it can be hard to get a break. Most babies become fairly languid during this season and we were a little worried that Bronwyn would struggle, but she really seems to be doing ok. We’ve found different ways to help her cool off. When we were with in Lusaka for her 6 month shots, we were able to stay with some friends who have a pool. She loved it!
catch the bubbles!

 Jeremy thinks we should suggested we make a “pool” at the farm by using one of our giant craters where we dug soil for bricks and fill it with river water. I’m not sure we want to intentionally create yet another malaria breeding ground. So we created a more appropriate kind of swim experience in our kitchen. The plastic tub has the same effect AND the neighbor kids like playing with all of Brnowyn’s rubber duckies. Fun for all! A wet wash cloth on the head acts as built in air conditioning, and to fight dehydration, we nurse, nurse nurse!

So as things get chilly up in the northern hemisphere, we’ll be sending warm thoughts your way. 


  1. Come see us this month! We have two different sized pools and electricity (most of the time) to operate fans.

    Plus, I'd really like some woman-to-woman time.

  2. It was less than 40 degrees this morning... chilly... and the garden is done!!! Thinking of you and all that heat. love the pics.... you all look great!!