Saturday, October 27, 2012

too fast, too fast!

We went to Lusaka last weekend to let Bronwyn see a doctor for some more shots and then wait to pick up our visitors from the airport. In the course of just a few days Bronwyn…

Busted out her first tooth

Checking out dad's teeth, comparing them with her own

Mastered the art of sitting without toppling over every five seconds

sittin' fancy with no bumpers

Decided that sitting still is for slow pokes and decided to learn how to crawl!

here, there and everywhere...

All in the span of a week!


What happened to my little baby?!?!?!

Why are you growing up so quickly?!?!?!

TOO FAST, baby girl, TOO FAST!!!!

Ugh, will I ever get used to the constant change? I was just swaddling her yesterday...

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