Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Its never too early to start learning, which is why Bronwyn goes with me to pre-school every morning. Well, that and teacher support/school management is one of my various jobs with Choshen Farm, and Bronwyn basically gets carted along. Fimpulu Christian Pre-School was started back in 2008. I took over teacher/curriculum development shortly thereafter, and have been working with the school consistently ever since. Bronwyn loves the singing and contributes a fair amount of noise. I often have to remind the kids to turn around and look at the teachers instead of looking at the baby blabbering and flapping her arms behind them.

The purpose of the school is to prepare children for a lifetime of learning while setting them on the right path educationally, socially and spiritually. We care very much about what they learn and how they learn it. Every day we have a time of songs, a Bible story, math, English and, of course, fun!

Occasionally I will help the teachers through a rough patch where they themselves are mispronouncing a word (hat and hot are two different words...) or teaching a concept in math that is not quite right ("oops, I don't think you meant to say that 2+1= 4"...). When I think of Bronwyn's future education, I believe that it will be easy enough for us to reinforce proper English and to teach math at a level that we desire. But what we are really concerned about for our daughter, and for every other child at the pre-school is that they be led in the right direction towards a right relationship with God.

The other week at the school we were learning about Peter walking on water and somehow the takeaway from the story ended up being "So you need to do what you are told otherwise God won't love you." It was sad. Sad because I know that this is a predominant message in most churches and therefore a bit to be expected at the preschool as well, but also sad because the children, at such a tender age, are learning something so... wrong!

After that incident I talked with the teachers for a while about where they got that message from and whether they actually believe it to be true. We looked at examples throughout the Bible all confirming that God loves us even with all of our mistakes and has proven his commitment to us, his children, over and over. The next day as we were reviewing the same story, I listened as the teachers now said, "So you need to do what you are told BECAUSE God loves you, and He always will."

Oh sweet redemption! 

I was particularly happy for three reasons:
1. The smiles on the teachers face as they spoke this truth were absolutely stunning in comparison to the frowns they were sporting the day before as they preached their message of depression.
2. The children heard the right thing in the right way.
3. I knew that that is what I want for my child too.

Not only did the teachers correct their interpretation of the story they were telling, but I heard a change throughout the week as the teachers started saying to individual pupils, "You need to listen... I want you to know I love you. If you don't stop poking the ear of the boy next to you, I will still love you, but you will have to stand in the corner so you learn to obey, and I'll love you from there."

No culture on this great big planet of ours has gotten it entirely "right." Every culture has its false beliefs which we pass on to our children as normal and true. I'm thankful that I can be in a place and sharing in a work which embraces the beauty of individual cultures, introducing all to the redemptive power of a God who really does "love all the little children of the world..."

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  1. Your updates are inspiring Bethany. I see Bronwyn's growing and getting really cute, she's blessed with Godly parents. I truly admire you and Jeremy with following the Lord's desire for you to teach in Fimpulu. Your obedience will be greatly rewarded. Our love and prayers follow you both.

  2. What sweet redemption! May God grant you more opportunities to shape the Christian culture in Fimpulu and willing hearts to hear and obey.