Friday, April 20, 2012

First public appearance - Church!

Apart from the pediatricians office, we had not taken Bronwyn out of the house before this past Sunday. We had hoped to make it out for Easter morning, but all three of us were exhausted from the night before and not exactly looking presentable, so we stayed in. It was kind of a bummer, not because we were missing the Easter service, but because I felt like I had failed in this grand task of "getting my act together" by week 2. I know, I know, I need to cut myself some slack. But anyway, we were pretty much determined to make it to church on Bronwyn's three week birthday. So we got ourselves all dolled up and left for Church. I confessed to Jeremy that I was feeling guilty about the fact that our going to church was really more about showing off Bronwyn to people than worshiping. I knew full well that I would probably not do any meaningful singing or praying because I was already so worried about Bronwyn fussing or crying or me dropping her. Why is going out in public SO STRESSFUL!!! Thankfully, baby girl was phenomenal and decided to sleep through everything. She even slept through the part where we took her up on stage and introduced her to everyone. Thank you for being so angelic, darling daughter.

The only snag from the entire morning was half way through the service when Bronwyn decided to poo the poo of her young little life, sending yellow goo out her diaper, through the onesie, through her pants, onto dads shirt, leaving a stain on his white undershirt. We were only partially prepared with an extra onesie but no extra pants, because she has never pooped this explosively before and I guess we just didn't think it was possible!!! Oh well. Now we know. She spent the rest of church wrapped in a blanket which looked like it belonged given her delicate frame.

Now that we've done it once, hopefully my anxiety will lesson as time goes on... babies cry, and poop and when this happens in a silent sanctuary, its still ok.

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