Friday, April 20, 2012


The first question everybody asks us is, how are you sleeping? And every time, I lie through my teeth and say "pretty good."
AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I want to scream my confession to the world that this sleep thing is driving me craaaaaaaazzzzzzyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We want her to sleep alone, for her own protection. When we get to Zambia, we want her to sleep in her Pea Pod tent because its the safest, mosquito proof environment. But homegirl likes company, and has an amazing ability to know when she is alone. And when she's alone, she is a screamer!!!!! And nobody is happy when baby B is screaming. That's for sure.
We keep trying to figure out what the magic trick to all this is, but everyone says something different, and most of the advice is contradictory. Schedule? Baby led? Parent led with baby influence? Wing it? Manage it? Attach? Separate? WHAT THE WHAT?

What's a new mama to do???

(By the way, she's laying in the Ergo carrier insert)

Sleeping with mr. giraffe

I'll sleep anywhere. As long as someone's holding me.

waking up is hard to do

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